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About the Artist

“The thing to remember is that this moment will never come again.”  --
                                                                              Emily Dickenson

“An idea remembered in prose, a moment captured in painting, both are a part of a fleeting instant that gives great joy.  A painter brushes a canvas with color and the story lives on.  I paint to capture that beauty of light, the patterns of shadow, the tilt of a sail, the earthy profile of a Masaai warrior, the slash of blue hills against dark pines. My paintings tell the story of my life in God’s exquisite world.  It is my way of never forgetting.”

A graduate of Florida State University, Peggy Prugh taught English to American service men in the SS officers’ barracks at Dachau, Germany. Later she moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with her husband and continued English instruction to high school students, assigning illustrated journals in order to interpret prose and poetry.  It was a love affair, matching art with literature, so much so that when Peggy retired, she traveled extensively to study painting with masters such as Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Tim Lawson, and Skip Whitcomb.  Today she lives in Jackson Hole with her husband and continues to paint landscapes and man-made settings.



 2004    Best of Show, Art Division, Teton Co. Fair

2007    Perspectives, Art Space, Jackson Hole Art Assn.

2008    Members’ Only Exhibit, Jackson Hole Art Assn.

2010    Beeswax and Pigments, Pearl Street Bagels

2010    First Place Watercolor, Wyoming Art Association

2012    Jackson Hole Rising, Jackson Hole Art Assn.

2012    Driggs Plein Air Show, Driggs, Idaho

2013   Susan K Black Foundation,  Honorable Mention, Pastel

2013   Laurie Waterhouse Show,  Jackson Hole

Member of: 

Adirondacks Plein Air Painters

Driggs Plein Air Painters

Teton Plein Air Painters